There are four main reasons to consider using one of our vehicles for the NJMVC road test:

Family vehicle is unacceptable for use on the state road test. 

If the vehicle has a console running between the driver and passenger seats in front it must have the emergency brake handle located on this console. In other words, the MVC instructor must have a way to brake the vehicle in case of emergency during the road test. (Emergency brake locations to the left of the driver seat or on the floor on the driver’s side are not acceptable for use during the road test.)

Family vehicle is large. 

The parallel parking space used during the road test is approximately 25 feet long. The larger the family vehicle is, the more problematic it may be for your teen to successfully parallel park such a vehicle. 

Boost Student Confidence

Student simply feels more confident and comfortable taking the road test in the same vehicle that they learned how to drive in. Confidence goes a long way in ensuring success during the road

Safety & Convenience

Road tests that are given at the Miller or Eatontown site will be charged the same rate as a two-hour lesson. Our instructor will pick the student up an hour before the test is scheduled to begin and will review the parallel parking and K-turns, etc., and the student will take the test in our automobile.   

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